Walking With Mother Nature

Walking on earth helps us to build a genuine relationship with the nature, at least with the nature of mother earth.

- His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa

A pilgrimage on foot is not uncommon among believers of different spiritual traditions. Hindus walk to the different sacred sites related to their gods, such as Shiva, Krishna and others; Christian pilgrims walk from their homes to Jerusalem; Muslim pilgrims walk to Mecca; and Buddhist pilgrims to the different holy sites blessed by the presence of the Buddha and the generations of enlightened masters.

A walking pilgrimage is like a journey from self to selflessness. We are able to observe the reality of life at a gradual pace and to realize the beauty of life in its simplicity. Planning a proper schedule is not necessary, we just had to accept whatever came our way.

2014 Eco Pad Yatra For Peace

A Pad Yatra is not only a physical journey, but also an inner journey of transformation.

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