How To Get There

Special Attention

This is an “Eco-Pad Yatra”. A “SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS” campaign will be enforced throughout the entire journey and “NON-BIODEGRADABLE WASTE MATERIALS” will be picked up along the way.

Will Power

“Will Power” will be the most required qualification. You should be physically fit and sound with enthusiasm and happiness to be with His Holiness, the trip will carry spiritually and physically blessings for many of us or for that matter most of us. This will be a test of not only spiritual challenge but also physical endurance.

On this trip we will have presence of His Holiness and his spiritual entourage, leading us in the walk along the valleys, fields and over the different lakes and heritages. The soothing winter weather will be doubly blessed and we, the fortunate pilgrims, during these auspicious times will experience life-changing impact on all of us.


Beyond that this trip requires good fitness, however you need not be a superman, nor a super hiker. As long as we are staying healthy, getting rest on our rest days and eating well, and most importantly “DRINKING TONS OF WATER”, everyone should have no problem walking every day and clearing every pass in good style. At the instructions from His Holiness we have constructed the itinerary to ensure that everyone will be able to get the rest that will be much needed.

Compared to a few of the previous Pad Yatras that covered high altitude (above 12,000ft or 5,000m) in the Himalayas, this Eco Pad Yatra may be much easier in terms of physical endurance. However, for those who have followed His Holiness on various journeys, you should expect some challenges to your physical and mental state.


During the month of October, day temperature is expected to be rather hot, around 34°C. And nights are moderate with temperature expected to be 23°C

Permits & Regulations

No special permit is needed, except for a valid tourist visa issued by government of India.

Visit this website Indian visa application:

Registration Form Assumption of Risks

For SAARC and Himalayan registrants, please contact registration center at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2018 Odisha Pad Yatra

A Pad Yatra is not only a physical journey, but also an inner journey of transformation. When you are mindful of the detail, you notice the light come into the sky at sunrise, and how good the first sip of tea in the morning tastes. So find your own Pad Yatra, if you can – it will be the best workout that you can give your mind.

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