The 5th Pad Yatra - Mumbai to Sanchi Stupa

Client600 yatris
LocationMumbai to Sanchi Stupa
CategoryIndian Plains / 500km / 35 days
Year2011 Dec to 2012 Jan

More than 600 participants joined this time to walk from Mumbai to Sanchi Stupa, India. The amount of non-biodegradable rubbish more than doubled from the last two Eco Pad Yatras, proving that the more densely a place is, the more it is needed to implement proper recycling facilities.

His Holiness gave a short teaching in one of the evenings:

Instead of wasting our life, staying in 5 star hotels and living in luxurious indulgence, we are now undertaking an uncommon and special practice of Pad Yatra - walking pilgrimage. We are visiting the holy places of the great Mahasiddhas of the past, such as the holy places of Nagarjuna, Dignaga, Dharmakirti and so on so forth. Every step that we take, we should keep these 3 in mind: (1) correct motivation - practicing for the sake of all sentient beings (2) Refuge in the Triple Gems (3) Bodhicitta. We should be visiting all these places with the above inner view, unlike the tourists who have different motivation. In this way, not only we will be able to accumulate great merit, but also to purify great negative karma.

The first day of Eco Pad Yatra


The second day of Eco Pad Yatra


Arriving in Ellora


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A Pad Yatra is not only a physical journey, but also an inner journey of transformation.

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